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We put Drops to the test and asked several established language learners to try it out as they complete their language learning projects. See what they did and find out just how effective Drops is as a language learning tool.

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Hebrew Language Project

Our Drops team members, Shannon and Allison, challenge themselves to see how much Hebrew they can learn during #90DayswithDrops in preparation for their trip to Tel Aviv.

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Icelandic Language Project

Our Resident Polyglot, Shannon Kennedy, challenges herself to see how many Icelandic words she can learn on the plane while traveling to Iceland. See how many she remembers and how it changed her experience in Reykjavik.

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Hindi Language Project

Drops' Resident Polyglot Shannon Kennedy learns Hindi with Drops. Follow her progress as she learns to read and write in the language, then picks up new words in the language.

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Dutch Language Project

2x Memory Champion Nelson Dellis learns Dutch with Drops to connect with his family in Belgium. Follow his progress as he learns all the Dutch words in Drops.

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Hungarian Language Project

Our resident polyglot learned Hungarian with Drops in two months to surprise the company founders. Follow her progress from zero to Budapest in this series of posts.

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