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Interested in sharing your love for Drops while making money for doing it? Become a Drops affiliate partner.

To qualify as a Drops affiliate partner, partner must:

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Affiliate Partner Terms

By signing up for the Drops Affiliate Program you accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Commissions And Payouts

You receive 30% commission on any service(s) we provide to any client you refer — that includes the initial sale. Drops reserves the right to change affiliate commission amounts at any time. You will be notified in advance if this happens and the changes are never retroactive.

Affiliate commission payments are made via Paddle. All affiliates can create a free Paddle account and must enter their correct Paddle payment address in their Affiliate Area to be eligible for payments.

Commissions are paid the 15th of each month, the total is calculated the first of each month and payments are made with a 15-day delay since we have a 14-day refund period. The 15-day delay in payments ensures that you get all of the non-refunded commissions for your referrals. The minimum payout balance is $100.00.

Affiliate commissions cannot be generated on your own purchases.

Affiliate Registration

We manually review all affiliate applications. Therefore, we respond within 1-2 business days.

If your affiliate application is approved, you will be given a unique referral ID that you can use to promote Drops via referral links. Please refer to your private Affiliate Area for instructions and tutorials.

We reserve the right to reject any affiliate application for any reason.

Referral Cookie Period

When a prospective client clicks on your referral link, a cookie is stored in their browser to track your referral. The cookie is stored for 30 days.

A referral won’t be awarded if:
The prospective client purchases after 30 days (because the cookie will expire). The prospective client clears cookies from their web browser.

Refunded Purchases

If a purchase is refunded, an affiliate commission won’t be paid out for that referral.

Affiliate News & Updates

By becoming an affiliate you agree to receive periodic emails from Drops which might include important information regarding the Drops Affiliate Program or relevant news and updates to help you effectively promote our services.

Promotional Methods

It is your responsibility to ensure that your affiliate links are set up and working correctly.

Here are examples of acceptable promotional methods:

Share Drops with friends or family and provide them with your affiliate link.
Write an article or blog post about language learning, travel, education, etc. and link to our site with your affiliate link.
Post on social media and include your affiliate link.
Answer questions on other sites or forums, and use your affiliate link in your replies.

Here are examples of prohibited promotional methods:

Any type of spam — ads, emails, comments, posts on 3rd-party websites, etc.
Any illegal activity or activity deemed offensive by Drops.
Pretending to be employed by Drops.
Cloning our site, copying our site, cloning our content, using our copyrighted assets or giving the false impression that a site created by you is officially endorsed by Drops.
You claim any of our products or promotional materials were created by yourself.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not a particular method is prohibited, please contact us.

Using prohibited promotional methods may result in the termination of affiliate commissions and/or of your affiliate account without notice.

As an affiliate, you are not an employee of Drops.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us at: partners@languagedrops.com

Commonly Asked Questions:

How are affiliate payouts calculated? 
Please refer to this article for information on how affiliate payouts are calculated. 

What commission do you offer affiliate partners?
We currently offer affiliates a 30% commission on any referred subscriptions to Drops.

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