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楽しく単語を学習しよう。Learning Japanese made easy.

In just five minutes a day, you will learn Japanese through our beautifully illustrated, immersive and playful lessons. You focus on the part of Japanese that matters most — words. It’s effective, fun and free.

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Learn Japanese, drop by drop in just 5 minutes a day.

Learn Japanese in just 5 minutes a day with Drops--learn words in Japanese

Drops is the most popular and the best way to learn Japanese on the go.

Language learning made easy. Have you always wanted to learn another language but felt you never had enough time, or patience. Or you’ve tried and given up? Well, it’s time to try again with Drops--a fun, new way to finally learn that language you always wanted to master: the Japanese language.

In just five minutes a day, you will learn Japanese through our beautifully illustrated, immersive and engaging lessons. You focus on the part of Japanese that matters most -- words. It’s effective, fun and free.

How Drops can help you learn Japanese online:

  • Learn 2,000+ Japanese words with Drops.
  • Drops helps to create memorable visual associations with new words.
  • Drops helps you to practice your vocabulary and review the words you’ve learned.
  • Start with just five minutes a day and build a language learning habit

Let Drops Help You Stay Motivated to Learn Japanese

Instant feedback on your language progress

Instant feedback
Never wonder whether you’ve answered correctly. Why work with boring, old textbooks where you have to flip to the back to know whether or not you’re getting it right? Drops offers you immediate corrections so there’s no guesswork.

Study anywhere, anytime

How to study Japanese anywhere, anytime
Take Drops with you with our mobile app available for iOS and Android so you can learn Japanese online and offline too!

Personalized language learning experience

Personalized learning experience
Drops offers learners more than 100 well-curated Japanese word lists that you can customize to fit your learning needs. Choose which words you want to learn so that you spend your Japanese study time on the material that matters most.

Language learning stats

Stay motivated with learning stats
At the end of each Japanese learning session, you get detailed statistics on your progress.

Wondering how to learn Japanese?

Japanese is very different from other languages, but there are some aspects of the language that make it easier than others. There are many recommended ways to learn Japanese.

Become familiar with the Japanese writing systems:

  • Japanese uses three distinct writing systems--but with Drops and Scripts, they are fun to learn!
  • The Japanese writing systems are katakana, hiragana and kanji.

Tackle Japanese grammar:

  • Japanese grammar is relatively easy to learn.
  • You can learn some of the basic structures in Drops’ Travel Talk category.

Listen to lots of Japanese audio:

  • Find Japanese dramas you enjoy and watch them to get familiar with the language.
  • Listen to J-pop.
  • Use Drops’ Premium listening test feature to test your listening comprehension.

About Japanese

日本語 (Nihongo), or Japanese, is the national language of Japan and a member of the Japonic family. There are about 125 million native speakers, and while it is not related to the Chinese language, it makes extensive use of Chinese characters known as kanji in the Japanese language.

Learning Japanese with Drops

Focus on the most important part of your new language

How to learn Japanese? Focus on the most important part of the language -- words. Words are the building blocks to your new language skill. With Drops, you get to spend time with what matters most.

Curated word lists

Word lists you just won’t find anywhere else. We’ve worked with a team of experienced language learners to curate word lists on a diverse range of topics. The wordlists we’ve put together are highly relevant, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

High quality audio

High-quality audio. Robotic, artificial voices or poor audio recordings just don’t cut it when you’re working on listening comprehension. That’s why we make sure that every word comes with crisp, clear and high-quality audio.

Short, focused language learning sessions

Short, focused learning sessions. With Drops, you work on your new language in short, five minute learning sessions. It’s perfect for busy learners and a simple way to make language learning a part of your day.

Ready to learn Japanese?

A collection of recommended language learning resources from the Drops team

More Resources for Japanese Learners

Ready to take the next step after learning new words with Drops? Check out our introductory page on how to learn Hiragana and how to learn Katakana, so that you can take the words you learn in Drops to the next level.

Visit our vibrant blogs section, where you'll find a handful of engagin content, tips and tricks to supercharge your language skills. Dive into our language experts' articles, language learning strategies, cultural tidbits, and much more.

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