Drops at Work
Looking for an online educational perk providing an engaging growth opportunity that fits into a busy work schedule for your team?

Drops offers online, affordable language training for employees.
45 Languages
Drops offers 45 languages, ranging from the most spoken (or business relevant!) in the workplace to niche and endangered languages.
All Access
Premium access to Drops, Droplets and Scripts. Covering everything from alphabets to complex vocabulary for hundreds of situations and practical application.
Extensive, Authentic Language Learning Content
Drops features over 180,000 words across 45 languages, translated and voiced by experts and native speakers.
Unobtrusive Language Learning
Just 5, 10 or 15 fixed minutes a day can fit into even the busiest schedules. Or go with unlimited if you or your team want more! And with online learning, your team can do their learning remote from everywhere in the world.
Team Growth
Invest in your team’s personal growth, speaking the language of your customers to create memorable experiences and powerful relationships, while making connections through culture and language across your teams.