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Elissa Gonzalez, Brand Copywriter (she/her)

Elissa Gonzalez is a Venezuelan American Copywriter living in Germany. She’s been to pride celebrations in several countries as an ally, and is interested in learning more about inclusion through language.

Unique Ice Cream Orders to Get While Traveling

Let every day this summer be ice cream day with unique flavors you won't find back home. Once you've picked your flavor, learn how to order it with Drops!

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Cultural Dos and Don’ts for Travelers

Get language, etiquette, and food related tips from locals and long time expats so you can travel like a pro in summer of 2022.

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European Train Travel Tips

Get exclusive insider tips on train travel in Germany, Spain, and France, and learn why the Drops language app could turn into your favorite travel companion.

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Why Drops Is The Ultimate Travel Essential

Learn how to easily access the words you need to make your summer travels smoother than ever before with our effective and fun language learning games.

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How to Celebrate Pride Wherever You Are

Learn about pride celebrations happening around the world, and get the words you need to celebrate and support LGBTQ+ culture in 37 learning languages.

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