How to Celebrate Pride Wherever You Are

Pride is about coming together to celebrate who you are, and who you love. Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, attending a pride celebration is a beautiful way to achieve visibility, representation, and pure love. Like many other events that bring together crowds of people, pride celebrations have been canceled for the past two years. In 2022, pride is back in person, and you won’t want to miss it!

Pride Celebrations in North America

Whether you’re on the West Coast, East Coast or somewhere in between, each major North American City hosts several energy-packed events.

Touchdown in the windy city from June 17th to the 19th for The Chicago Pride Fest, featuring live music performances, drag shows, and even a pet parade for those of you that never leave home without your fluffy friends.

If you’re spending time on the West Coast, The San Francisco Pride Parade is a must-see. Starting on June 25th, this year’s two-day celebration is all about how love keeps us together. On the same weekend, you can head to Toronto Pride back east, to experience a parade with hybrid and electric vehicles as part of their goals of hosting a zero-waste event in the future.

Of course, no list of North American Pride Celebrations is complete without mentioning the one and only: New York City Pride.All of June is jam-packed with fabulous events culminating in the march on June 26th.

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Pride Celebrations in Central & South America

One of the largest pride events in Central & South America happens in Guadalajara, Mexico on June 4th. But Brazil takes the cake when it comes to size, breaking the Guinness World Records as the biggest pride parade in the world. It’s taking place again this year in São Paulo on June 19th.

In 2016, Colombia became the fourth country to legalize same-sex marriage in South America. In the years since then, it has evolved into one of the more gay-friendly countries in the continent, with its biggest pride celebration happening in Bogota on July 31st.

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Pride Celebrations in Europe

Take part in some of the major celebrations happening in different European cities. For starters, what better place to march for equality than in the city of revolutionaries and romance? Join the Paris Pride March on June 25th.

For a pride celebration that’s even louder and longer, watch the streets of Madrid come alive from July 1st to July 10th.

Those of you that can’t handle the Spanish heat can seek out celebrations up North. If you love puns as much as Germans do, you’ll want to get your markers and cardboard ready for a punny but activism-centered Berlin Pride on July 23rd.

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Pride Celebrations in Asia & Oceania

As one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly Asian countries, Taiwan hosts the Taipei Gay Pride Parade on the last Saturday of October.

Since Oceania experiences winter in June and July, their pride celebrations are actually in February! Some of the biggest celebrations include Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney’s Mardi Gras.

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How To Support LGBTQ+ Communities

The singing, dancing, and general feel-good vibes at pride celebrations will have you floating on a cloud of love and community. When you’ve come off the cloud, don’t forget to support the organizations that celebrate and help LGBTQ+ communities year-round.

Donate to bigger organizations near you, or check out the list below to help the LGBTQ+ community in countries where wars or governments put people most at risk.

  • Donate to Ukrainian Pride to support LGBTQ+ Ukrainian troops and refugees
  • Support Galang Philippines, an organization that works to empower LGBTQ+ members in poor urban communities.
  • Help young Brazilians LGBTQIAP+ that were expelled from their homes after they came out by supporting CASA 1.

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Elissa Gonzalez is a Venezuelan American Copywriter living in Germany. She’s been to pride celebrations in several countries as an ally, and is interested in learning more about inclusion through language.

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