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Test Your Knowledge of Portuguese & Brazilian Culture

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Apr 15, 2021

Learning Portuguese? Test your knowledge of the Portuguese language basics and Brazilian culture! 

Learn Basic Brazilian Portuguese

We put together this Kahoot! series for you to see what you know and learn the basics of the Portuguese language. 

The Best Places to Travel in Brazil

Have plans to go to Brazil when travel opens back up? Learn about the must-see travel destinations in Brazil with these two Kahoot! Quizzes.

Brazilian Food You Must Try

We love food and Brazil has countless tasty dishes you should absolutely try! Here are 12 Brazilian foods we think are incredible.

Test Your Knowledge of Brazilian Music

Are you a music fan? Add to your music knowledge by learning about Brazilian music with this Kahoot!

Learn More Words and Phrases in Portuguese

Want to learn more words and phrases in Portuguese? Try Drops, our beautifully illustrated, visual language learning app. In just 5 minutes a day, you can learn several thousand words in Brazilian Portuguese and 40+ other languages.

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