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Apr 29, 2021

3 Ways Technology Makes Language Learning Less Boring

Learning languages can both be a fun endeavor and something is useful for one's career or travel. It’s also a way to expand one's cultural horizons. 

Although exploring the intricacies of different languages can in itself be engaging, a lot of learners end up getting bored when things start getting difficult. It requires more time to absorb, often leading to a plateau where learning stagnates and people usually end up ditching their language studies altogether.

With new tech resources like online videos and learning apps, learning a foreign tongue can remain interesting. In language expert Shannon Kennedy's series, "Ask the Polyglot", she breaks down ways to learn words faster and retain focus. In one episode, she shares the value of setting aside short bursts of time to engage in different activities that test your skills. Much of her tips can actually be followed pretty easily with the use of technology. There are different ways this is put into practice, too.

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Lessons Can Be More Engaging

Focus is an important thing when learning anything new, but this is especially true in cerebral pursuits like language. You have to understand grammar rules, pronunciation, and different uses of each translation. The advantage to using tech is that each lesson can be accomplished in a more interactive way than just reading from a book.

Online platforms and apps provide audio-visual stimulation that actually helps memory retention and engagement. A study in the open-access journal Procedia reveals that audiovisual aids motivate learners and make the teaching process more effective. 

On top of that, many apps often gamify the learning process. With puzzles, timed quiz games, mnemonic association, and other features on platforms like Drops, tackling challenges doesn't feel like a chore because it feels like a game with rewards. The gratification of "winning" also comes with successful learning.

How technology makes language learning better

Learn on Your Own Schedule

Experts note the importance of fitting in lessons every day to keep your memory refreshed, but what time in the day really depends on the person. The beauty of digital resources is that they allow users to be unbound by schedule limitations. Different individuals have set appointments and responsibilities, after all. 

Besides, a guide for professionals working from home during COVID-19 suggests exploring the hours of the day when you’re most productive. Learning from home is much like remote work. And according to the guide, peak productivity is different for everyone.

Since tech-enabled language learning can be customized according to your own schedule, learners can feel free to set their own pace and base it on times where they feel most energetic. This creates more flexibility and can even remove some of the pressure that individuals may feel as they progress with their studies.

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You are exposed to more variety and collaboration

Part of getting bored is being stuck in the same routine and monotonous resources, so having access to different mediums and platforms can sufficiently change things up in a way that still feels consistent.

You can check out different websites, listen to music, watch a few videos with subtitles, play games, and even reach out to other fellow learners. This is a great way to actively train your language skills and create a circle where you can hone your learnings after each milestone.

An article from the Cambridge University Press even notes the role of artificial intelligence in fostering learner independence and providing accessible ways to practice. As AI continues to evolve, the bigger its potential in enhancing the learning process.

Language learning has come a long way, and we finally live in a connected world where we can really start communicating with each other wherever we may be.


About the Author: Remi Greenfield is an educator and freelance writer. She is passionate about empowering the next generation of thought leaders, and likes to use her free time learning new vegan recipes and teaching her pup new tricks.

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