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Oct 6, 2020

Study with Amber Liu: Drops Partners with K-Pop Star Amber Liu to Offer a New Category for Korean Learners

Hey K-Pop fans! We have something special just for you.

For a limited time, you can learn Korean with Amber Liu of K-pop renown and former member of the supergroup f(x). 

Drops teamed up with the musician, artist, and star to offer you a Korean language learning experience unlike any other. 

Until March 2021, you can learn hundreds of Korean words curated and voiced by Amber Liu as part of our collaboration to celebrate and honor the Korean language and Korean culture. 

Learn Korean with k-pop star and musician Amber Liu

How Amber Liu Learned Korean

Moving from Los Angeles to South Korea in 2008 to join f(x), Amber’s Korean language skills were put to the ultimate test. To prepare, Amber took Korean language lessons so she could perform, conduct interviews, and connect with her fanbase in Korean. In her words, “I’ve dedicated a huge part of my life to mastering the Korean language and culture for my music career and to better connect with my fans.” Today, she is fluent in Korean. As a trilingual music artist, Amber continues to perform and release music in English, Korean and Chinese. 

Amber Liu recording for Drops
Amber Liu recording for Drops

Why did Amber partner with Drops to help Korean learners?

While living in Korea, Amber said she would carry her Korean electronic dictionary everywhere. Language learning then wasn’t what it is today. She says, “I’m excited to partner with Drops to help more people learn Korean in a fun, easy and engaging way. I hope my fans enjoy learning with me and diving into the Korean language and culture through the app.”

Amber voices the fun, visual-based word games in the Drops app, across 40 topics personally curated by her including: K-Pop, Korean dishes, Korean food, music, traveling, K-drama, and more. The “Study with Amber” Category in Drops is only available for a limited time.

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