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Nov 25, 2019

Hello in German: 9 Ways to Say Hi in German

Learning German? Starting with a greeting like “hello” will help you make a good impression and get the conversation rolling with native German speakers. 

If you’re wondering how to say hello in German, you’re in the right place. 

In this post, you’ll learn how to say hi in German as well as many other greetings.

how to say hello in german

#1  Hallo - “Hello” in German

“Hello” in German is very similar to its English equivalent--it’s hallo. It can be used in both formal and informal situations, but if you’d like something slightly more formal, you can use...

#2 Guten Tag - “Good day” in German, also “Good afternoon” in German

Guten Tag is “good day” or “good afternoon” in German. Tag is the German word for “day” and gut means “good” (it’s in the German accusative case). 

#3 Hi - “Hi” in German

To say “hi” in German, you simply say “hi”. If you’re in Northern Germany, you might also here moin or moin moin

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#4 Guten Morgan - “Good morning” in German

“Good morning” in German is Guten Morgan. You can simplify this greeting and make it more informal by removing guten and just greet your friends with Morgan.

#5 Guten Abend - “Good evening” in German

To say “good evening” in German, you use Guten Abend

#6 Was ist los? - “What’s up?” in German

Was ist los? loosely translates as “what’s up?” or “how’s it going?” It’s appropriate for casual conversations and would not be appropriate in more formal contexts. 

This expression has another meaning outside of its use as a greeting. It can also mean “what’s wrong?”

#7 Wie geht es dir? - “How’s it going?” in German

This is a casual way to ask someone how it’s going in German. The more formal equivalent is Wie geht es Ihnen? Both dir and Ihnen mean “you”, but where dir is informal, Ihnen is formal. 

You can also take this greeting down one more formality step by simply saying Wie geht’s?

#8 Hallöchen - “Little hello” in German

German makes use of augmentatives like über- and diminutives like -chen. You can greet someone with a “little hello” in German by using Hallöchen.

#9 Alles Klar? - “Everything alright?” in German

Want to get hip with the younger crowd in Germany? This greeting, which literally means “all clear?” is a casual way to say hello in German and is often used by younger Germans.

Choosing the Best Way to Say “hello” in German

How do you know which of these nine expressions you should use? Depending on the context and formality of the situation, certain greetings will be more appropriate than others. 

With friends and family, Alles Klar? or Was ist los? are likely the way to go. But in more formal situations, like work, school, or when talking to strangers, you may prefer to us Hallo or Guten Tag

How to Say Hello in German

Greetings aren’t just words. When you say hello, depending on where you are, you may hug or kiss the cheeks of the person you’re greeting. In Germany, you’ll often shake hands. Make sure you make eye contact, it may be considered rude otherwise. 

When you are on familiar terms with someone, you can use their first name. But as a sign of respect, you can address someone by their last name, using Herr (mister) or Frau (miss/mrs). 

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