Language Resources

Samoan Language Apps

Drops – Play with your words, learning new Samoan vocabulary in just 5 minutes a day.

Samoa Language! – This app is a digital phrasebook with more than 300 Samoan phrases you can learn, hear, and send to your friends.

Samoan Listening Resources

Samoan Language 101 – This is a Youtube video series with an introduction to the Samoan language and sounds.

SBS Radio – Listen to the news in Samoan with SBS Radio.

Samoan Course Books

Gagana Samoa – Learn Samoan and build a solid foundation in the language with useful dialogues and listening exercises.

Samoan Language Learning

Fluent in 3 Months Challenge – This is a 90-day course that helps you build confidence and accountability in Samoan. It also prepares you for a 15-minute conversation in Samoan at the end of the challenge.

italki – Take lessons with skilled, affordable language tutors on italki. You can also connect with language exchange partners for free.

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