Language Resources

Maori Language Apps

Drops – Play with your words, learning new te reo Maori vocabulary in just 5 minutes a day.

Kupu – Learn the basics of Maori grammar and vocabulary with Kupu.

Maori Listening Resources

Te Whanake – Te Whanake is a course with audio that has been adapted into an audio podcast for Maori language learners.

Maori Course Books

Assimil – Learn Maori and build a solid foundation in the language with useful dialogues and exercises.

Let’s Learn Maori Let’s Learn Maori is a course book written by Bruce Biggs, a well-known scholar of the Maori language.

Maori Reading

The Children’s Bookshop – This Children’s Bookshop in New Zealand has a variety of beginning readers aimed at new learners of the Maori language and children.

Maori Language Learning

Fluent in 3 Months Challenge – This is a 90-day course that helps you build confidence and accountability in Maori. It also prepares you for a 15-minute conversation in Maori at the end of the challenge.

italki – Take lessons with skilled, affordable language tutors on italki. You can also connect with language exchange partners for free.

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