Free vs Premium

Drops offers Premium monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions with unlimited time in the app and an ad-free experience.

You can buy a Premium subscription on your device directly or online. By purchasing online, you can get Premium at our lowest prices.

All Premium Drops subscriptions have access to the same premium features, regardless of where you bought your premium subscription or the subscription duration.


The Premium subscription of Drops allows you to have:

  • Unlimited time within the app.
  • An ad-free experience.
  • The ability to select any topic at any time.
  • The Word Dojo to review difficult words.
  • The Word Collection to review all words previously learned.
  • Topic restore to reset your progress on a topic.
  • The listening test which lets you test your listening comprehension.

Without Premium

Without a Premium subscription, people are:

  • Restricted to 5 minutes of gameplay every 10 hours.
  • Shown ads at the end of every session.
  • Restricted to unlocking the topics one-by-one through the gameplay.

Available to all

Aside from these differences, these experiences are the same for users with and without Premium subscriptions:

  • Access to 37+ languages and thousands of words.
  • Advanced gameplay like the typewriter.