Wrong Word

Thank you for reporting any wrong words you’ve discovered while playing Drops. We constantly work hard on improving our content, and we appreciate your feedback highly!

You can report any errors by clicking on the flag icon on the bottom left of the screen when a word is introduced:

Drops example

If you run into an error later in the learning process, you can report it by clicking on the flag icon in the ‘Word Preview’ list.

Not sure where to find ‘Word Preview’? ‘Word Preview’ is available to all users. The ‘Word Collection’ is a Premium-only feature.

Access Word Preview (all users)

Here’s how to access ‘Word Preview’:

  1. Click on the up arrow icon in the bottom left corner after a word is introduced.

Drops example

  1. Find the ... (three dots) next to the word you believe is incorrect and click on it.

Drops example

  1. Click on the flag icon.

Drops example

  1. Select the appropriate category for your report--feel free to add detail--then submit by clicking on the ‘Report’ button.

Drops example

Thank you for helping us make Drops better!