Bonus Time

Wondering how to get bonus time in Drops? You can earn bonus time by:

  • Watching ads (please note: displayed ads are handled by a third-party service and they may not be displayed in all countries).

  • Sharing your Drops referral link with friends (bonus time is only awarded for friends who start using Drops).

  • Maintaining your daily streak.

If you earn bonus time for watching ads, it must be used after you receive it. It will not rollover into your next learning session.

When you earn bonus time after referring friends to Drops, you do not need to use the time right away. You can see how much time you have accrued on the timer.

If you do not use the bonus time, you will not receive your streak reward. Streak rewards will not accumulate on top of the referral bonus. When there are less than 5 minutes remaining of your referral bonus, we will top up your time to 5 minutes for the next session.

You’ll receive bonuses of 300 seconds, 60 seconds, and 30 seconds for maintaining your daily streak. This time does not need to be used all at once. You can see how much remaining time you have by looking at the timer.

In order for your Drops play to count towards your daily streak, you must complete your learning session. A session counts as completed once you’ve played for the entirety of the preferred session length you’ve selected in settings. If you have bonus time, you do not need to complete it in addition to your set time (until the timer reads 0:00 to maintain your daily streak). Instead, after playing until your desired session length, the daily streak will be counted.

Currently, bonus time cannot be deactivated. Bonus time will remain until it’s been used. Premium subscribers do not receive bonus time.