Achievements Board

The achievement board is a record of your progression in the app. It shows your learning languages, the badges you have completed as well as any challenges you have done as well.

The board consists of the language badges; the Archer and Marathoner badges. The Archer badge displays the accuracy of your learning and the Marathoner badge displays your streak consistency.

Language Badges

  • It calculates the number of words you have learnt and it is collected for each language you learn.

  • Hidden words are not included in this record.

Archer Badge

  • The Archer badge only takes into account sessions that have a 100% accuracy. So if you get all answers correct, this would contribute to the badge points.

  • If any answers are incorrect in a session, this would not contribute to the Archer badge however incorrect answers do not decrease your current points either.

Marathoner Badge

  • The Marathoner badge celebrates the maintenance of your streak and follows the 2 streak day rule.

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