Droplets Set-up Guide for Teachers

1. If you haven’t already, download Droplets to your iOS or Android device.

2. Create an account with an email address & password that you feel comfortable sharing.

Suggestion: Do NOT use your Apple ID email or any email that you use for professional or private correspondence. If possible, create a new email address specifically for this Droplets account.

3. Enter a parental gate code and create profiles for each of your students.

Droplets will prompt you to use your birth year as this code. In reality you can use any 4 digit code under 2000.

To facilitate searching, profiles are listed alphabetically.

4. Provide the account login information to the parents or guardians of your students as well as instructions on how to access the profile page / student profiles

If your school allows you to share your email address with your students, you can send it directly to them. Droplets does not have in-app communication capability, so there’s no teacher-student communication within the app.

5. Have parents / guardians download Droplets, sign in, and select their child’s profile.

As stated above we advise that you explicitly tell your students / parents / guardians not to access any other student’s profile.
Note: When either teacher or student / parent / guardian signs into Droplets, if a pop-up prompts them to enter their Apple ID, they shouldn’t. They should simply hit Cancel to dismiss the pop-up.

If you have any questions see our FAQ or contact us directly at droplets@languagedrops.com