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Love Drops? Want to help us spread the word about our amazing app? You’re in the right place!

Apply to become an ambassador and help us build Drops Nation! As an ambassador, you’ll complete missions in exchange for freebies and cold hard cash.

We want to help more people to connect, to travel, to experience the wonders of different cultures. It all starts with learning a few words of a new language.
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What is a Drops Ambassador?

It’s you! A Dropper who loves all things language learning. Droppers complete missions that are as simple as following us on social media or as fun as recording a video telling the world why you love the app. The more missions you complete, the more freebies (including free susbcriptions!) and cash you can get.

Who can be a Dropper?

Anyone! Just apply to become a Dropper. You can live anywhere in the world, have any number of social followers, and have any number of social accounts.

If you love Drops, we want you!

Ok, so how do I join?

It’s easy to become a member of Drops Nation. Click on the button below, get ready to answer a few simple questions, and you’ll be on your way to set up your account.
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What is Brandbassador?
Brandbassador is a platform through which you can become a brand ambassador for Drops. Through the app, you can complete “missions” which will make you eligible to receive rewards in the form of cash, freebies, discounts, early access, and more.
So how do I become an ambassador for Drops?
To become a Dropper, you need to go here and fill out the application.
How long does it take until I hear if I’m approved?
In general, it will only take about 48 hours, but it may take a bit longer over holidays and weekends.
I still don’t quite understand this Brandbassador app…
That’s okay! Luckily, Brandbassador has created this handy document that helps to explain everything in greater detail.
Ok cool, but what if I have a question for Drops about missions?
We fully expect for Droppers to get into a mission and have questions for us. The best way to contact us regarding missions is through the Brandbassador app. Tap on “PROFILE” and then tap on the envelope icon in the top right corner. This will present you with a list of brands that you work with, so make sure to select Drops. We will try to answer all messages in about a day, but again, weekends and holiday may have a slightly longer turnover time.