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Learning Hungarian with Drops: Milestone 5 Language Learning
March 21, 2019

Learning Hungarian with Drops: Milestone 5

When I first start studying a language with a tutor, many of our first lessons are either scripted (I prepare a short script and practice it with the tutor) or...
Tú Versus Usted: The Different Ways to Say “You” in Spanish Language Learning
March 14, 2019

Tú Versus Usted: The Different Ways to Say “You” in Spanish

The following article is a guest post by one of the resident translators at Drops. You can find more information about the writer at the end of the article. Nowadays,…

Memory Champion Nelson Dellis shares his tips for memorizing vocabulary in a new language Language Learning
February 28, 2019

Using Mnemonics and Other Techniques to Memorize New Words

When learning a new language, there’s one thing you need to know a lot of--words. Mastering new vocabulary can seem like a mountainous task, but with a little creativity, it...
Language Learning
February 21, 2019

10 Maori Words and Expressions You Should Know

There is a Maori expression, ko te reo Māori te hāo te Māoritanga that means “the Maori language is the essence of Maori identity.” Languages and the words they’re comprised...
Brunch in Budapest, Hungary after learning Hungarian Language Learning
February 7, 2019

Learning Hungarian with Drops: Milestone 4

Feedback is an essential part of learning any language. With feedback, you gain a sense of direction, more quickly pinpoint areas you need to work on, and get acknowledgement for...
Learning Hungarian with Drops Language Learning
January 24, 2019

Learning Hungarian with Drops: Milestone 3

One of the best ways to make everything you're learning in a new language yours is by using it. By putting all of the words you learn in Drops to...
Learning Hungarian with Drops - Photo by Eurolinguiste Language Learning
January 17, 2019

Learning Hungarian with Drops: Milestone 2

When learning a new language with the goal of speaking, input is important, but output is what leads to you mastering the material you've learned. What do I mean by...
Language Learning
January 1, 2019

Join the 2019 #90DayswithDrops Challenge: Learn a New Language this Year

IT ALL STARTS JANUARY 1ST, 2019! While you might not want to tackle ALL the words in the Drops app in just 90 days like 4x USA Memory Champion Nelson...
Nelson on a climb Language Learning
January 1, 2019

The Drops 2K Challenge with 4x USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis

We invite you to follow along with Nelson’s language learning journey on Instagram. If you want to join in on the fun and see how many words you can learn...
Hungarian Language Project Milestone 1 Language Learning
December 27, 2018

Learning Hungarian with Drops: Milestone 1

The countdown was on. Could I learn 50 Hungarian words over three days to get into the Drops Dojo? To do so, I’d need to learn between 16–17 words a...
Learning Hungarian with Drops Language Learning
December 20, 2018

Learning Hungarian with Drops: Language Project Introduction

This post contains affiliate links. We only recommend products we believe in. Two months of intensive study? Check. Five days getting my bearings in a new country? Check. Two very...
Language Learning
December 20, 2018

Get in the Holiday Spirit with these 25 Words

We’re in the midst of the holiday season and it’s filled with celebration. Around the world, this time of year is shared in a myriad of ways and these many...
Language Learning
December 13, 2018

8 Best Language Learning Apps to Download This Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s a lot to prepare for. It’s a time when we reconnect with family, when gifts are exchanged, and sometimes even when we...
Language Learning
December 12, 2018

Why You Should Learn Languages to Use at Home

We often learn a language to connect with people abroad, to have better travel experiences, or to communicate better with our co-workers as part of an international company. But there...
Language Learning
November 12, 2018

The Ultimate Language Learning Guide Part II: Foundations

You know why you want to learn a language and have a clear goal in sight, but you still have trouble getting started. What do you need to do to...
Language Learning
November 2, 2018

11 Hawaiian Words that Capture the Spirit of the Language

Here at Drops, we love words of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Amping up your vocabulary is one of the best ways you can build a strong foundation in your...
Language Learning
October 30, 2018

Keep it Spooky in Spanish with these 20 Words

Around the world, this time is often heralded by celebration. In the U.S., children wear costumes and visit their neighbors to fill their bags with candy as a part of...
Language Learning
October 25, 2018

Learning to Read and Write in Your New Language

Ready to learn a new writing system and take your language learning to the next level? We’re excited to announce Scripts, our new app focused on helping you learn to...
Commit to your language learning Language Learning
October 19, 2018

The Ultimate Language Learning Guide Part III: Commitment

You want to learn a new language, but the idea of taking on something as big as an entirely new language feels overwhelming. How do you stick with it? To...
Language Learning
October 18, 2018

An Island Adventure with Words: Learn Hawaiian with Drops

Aloha. A simple word, familiar to most, but there’s a world of meaning packed into those five letters. A greeting, a goodbye, an expression of affection… Aloha goes back to...