90 Days with Drops - #90DayswithDrops
Join us for 90 Days with Drops 2021!
From Jan 1, 2021.
Here’s how to sign up
Download Drops
If you haven’t already, download Drops to your iOS or Android device.
Create an account with Drops
Create an account or log in.
Visit your Drops profile
Visit your Profile by clicking the bottom right icon in the app.
Accept the 90 Days with Drops Challenge
Tap on “90 Days with Drops” and “Accept Challenge”
Download our app to participate!
How it works
What happens when I sign up for 90 Days with Drops?
When you sign up for 90 Days with Drops, you’ll see a new stats section within your Profile with stats specific to the 90 Day challenge. These stats will show you how many words you’ve learned during the challenge as well as how many days you’ve successfully completed your streak. You will also receive emails with tips to help you successfully complete the challenge.
How do I complete 90 Days with Drops?
Complete your Drops session each day over the 90 day period. This is typically 5 minutes, but if you’ve selected one of the other time options (for example 15 minutes), you will need to complete the entire session in order to maintain your 90-day streak.
What happens if I miss a day?
If you miss a day, you will still be able to participate in 90 Days with Drops but you will lose your streak. You will be able to start a new streak within the challenge after your next completed session.
Why should I take part in 90 Days with Drops?
90 Days with Drops can help you create a language learning habit. It offers you accountability, tips to help you stay motivated over the 90 days, as well as the chance to take your language further with a supportive community of other learners (check out #90dayswithdrops on Instagram!).
Joining Late?
You can still join the challenge even if it is after January 1st. Just head to the Profile page in the Drops app and tap the 90 Days with Drops button!