90 Days with Drops - #90DayswithDrops
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10 Session Challenge!
Get a head start on a new resolution and join the newest challenge in Drops to boost your language learning to the next level!  
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Commit to a new resolution. Start to learn a new language and join the new 10 Session Challenge! It's easy! Complete 10 sessions in Drops this January.

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How it works
How do I complete the 10 Session Challenge with Drops?
Complete 10 sessions in Drops before January 31, 2022. All it takes is 5 minutes to start and you'll be on your way to speaking a new language in just 1 month! If you’ve selected one of the other time options (for example 15 minutes), you will need to complete the entire session in order to move to the next level in the Challenge.
Why should I take part in the 10 Session Challenge?
In just 10 sessions of learning fun vocabulary and phrases in Drops you can start to create a language learning habit. Not to mention it's fun, it's simple and you choose what you want to learn!
Join anytime in Janaury! 
You can still join the challenge even if it is after January 1st. Just head to the Profile page in the Drops app and tap the 10 Session Challenge button!